Good afternoon! I am Alan. I drink a lot of tea. I am a graduand in Classics of the University of King's College, Halifax. In my spare time I enjoy walking, computing, and punctuation.

Concerning this website

Why is it called “three dots”? Because three dots is the visual form of the ellipsis (‘…’), and I am an elliptical man.

Why does it exist? I don't know. I like having my own corner of the internet where I can experiment with prose and fiddle with stylesheets and JavaScript. In truth, I spend more time tweaking the design of the site than adding content.

What are the ‘ellipses’? You might call them blog posts, but I don't like the word ‘blog’. Note that each entry is dated by when I originally composed its content. This date may be months or years earlier than when the entry appears – I often post backdated items that I had written down somewhere else much earlier. I also revise them from time to time. The thing is more of a literary construct than a blog.

Why did such and such an entry disappear? I decided its time had not yet come. But you never know, it might reappear again, perhaps with revisions.

I hope you find this website an amusing stop on your internet travels.


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